Why I Shoot?


I consider my life as an ever revolving door. As many opportunities that I walk into, I also recognize those I chose to walk away from. These opportunities have led me to various pursuits in both my professional and personal career. Musician. Husband. Father of two. Faith-Driven Christian. Entrepreneur. This makes up the tapestry of the man I am today. With that being said, music is my second love to my wife without question.


Kareem the Photographer.


Ever since I was a kid, I can remember making beats on the table, playing on my first drum set and eventually taking up the bass guitar. The chords and musicality of such a beautiful instrument bring me to a place of tranquility. So you may ask, what does this have to do with photography? I view myself as an artist and often challenge myself to improve my craft. There is an unspoken musicality when taking pictures. The lenses are the chords and those I shoot are the songs. You make your melody, your own verses and it all comes together to quite naturally. Being a photographer allows me to capture the essence of humanity, the beauty of everyday things that are often overlooked or the still moments.


When my daughter was born, I wanted to capture every moment, milestone and her ever-changing faces. She takes her role as Daddy's model seriously, LOL. Initially, I started on my phone and would play around with the editing features. Then I purchased my first camera and saw through the lens, a new perspective on life. I want to create those special moments with and for you. I am all about being in the moment and being to able to visually reflect on those moments. My style is bold, honest, vintage, and classic.